Kristian Høgenhaug

What makes you unique as an athlete?

One of my definite strengths is a geeky background in physiology.

In addition, I love going almost obsessively into detail – especially about cycles, when aerodynamics in the form of the right equipment and the correct position play a very important part. That, I believe, combined with my strict work ethics, is what makes me unique as an athlete.

What’s your best performance(s)?

Coming 3rd in the Juelsminde triathlon games, Danish middle distance championships

4th place in the Challenge Almere, European full distance championships

5th place in the European middle distance championships

Which performance has influenced you the most?

My 4th place in the Challenge Almere, European full distance championships.

What does FUSION equipment mean to you during training and in competition?

When training: being able to perform on the day of the event requires hours of training.

 So having the best training kit is indispensable. Here it is brilliant all the way that FUSION has developed a collection specifically for training, with focus on comfort. The clothes sit well on my body and also look extremely smart.

When I am racing: FUSION has of course decided to develop a collection for racing, where the important factors are different from training.

 The clothes are optimised for performance, and it shows in their lightness, compression, choice of different panels on the suits, and the aerodynamic design. When I put on a FUSION racing suit, I know there is nothing better.

What other sponsors do you have and how do they help you become a better athlete? 

Børkop Cykler: Cycles, smaller parts and fantastic cycle service.

Organicsport in the form of energy products from 226ERS.

Dansk Gastronomi: Fantastic food when we pay them a visit, and financial support.

Zerod Danmark: Provide swimming equipment. Bikefit and fine adjustments to my cycle position.


31 July 1991