Running - Intermediate Layer

Intermediate layer for the lovely cool mornings, for autumn under a vest or in winter under a jacket. The possibilities of use are endless, but the common denominator is that a good intermediate layer gives you the desire to train in all kinds of weather.


Middle layers for running in any season
FUSION’s middle layer for running creates a basis for highly flexible training garments when it comes to changing weather conditions. A good middle layer can be used 9 months out of the year, both for cool mornings in the autumn under a vest and in the winter under a jacket. So buying a quality middle layer for running is a good investment.

Used alone under a vest or jacket.
An intermediate layer is a complementary product that can be used both alone or underneath a vest or jacket. That’s why there are different thicknesses of intermediate layers creating the conditions for a comfortable workout all year round.

Merino wool for mid-layer running products
Merino wool is truly sweat-wicking and can absorb 33% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. That means the wool won’t smell as much as other materials and therefore requires less washing. 

Wool acts as a natural temperature regulator to keep you warm in cold conditions and cool in hot conditions. Merino wool is antibacterial since it contains a high amount of lanolin, which sheep secrete through glands in the hair follicles to protect the sheep’s wool from the elements and its skin from infection. Lanolin has antibacterial benefits that create an excellent basis for training. FUSION Merino LS shirt is made with 17.5 μ ultra fine fibres that are extremely comfortable. In it, you get a natural material with particularly good comfort. 

STANDARD 100 BY OEKO TEX ® Certified
Everything in these products, from the fabric to the thread, is produced in Europe. The same goes for the production itself, which takes place at FUSION’s own European factories. That means we control everything in the process. FUSION is designed in Denmark. All the materials are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex – your guarantee that the product is free of harmful materials.