Hvornår mærkede du sidst det naturlige hormonsus af dejligt endorfin skylle berusende gennem kroppen? Succes, forelskelse, latter kan sætte det i gang - og altså også en frisk lille cykeltur, måske til og fra arbejde. 

Størst mulig funktionalitet og komfort i vores produkter skal være en selvfølge. Men samtidig vil vi være dem, der giver dig den bedste sikkerhed og beskyttelse derude i trafikken. 

Bliv klar med et par gode råd til godt grej og sunde vaner.

Commuter favorites for women

Commuter favorites for men

Flexible jackets for changing weather

S2 Jacket
Lightweight and super stretchy jacket with a zip-closed front pocket and an open back pocket - protective and comfortable for changing weather. Wear it over your regular clothes or choose a C3 Sweatshirt, possibly with a Merino 150 LS underneath. The front, sleeves, and shoulders are sewn from a specially developed fabric with a 3-layer breathable membrane. The collar and parts of the back are in our own C3 material with effective moisture transport to keep you from getting cold and damp. There are 3M reflective bands on the shoulders and waist to ensure visibility in the dark hours.

Shelter Jacket
If you prefer a more neutral look, go for our Shelter Jacket, which also has effective sweat transport. The difference is that it is water-repellent on the back and has an ergonomically shaped hood. It only comes in black, but you can achieve visibility in traffic with a yellow or orange vest on top.

S2 Run jacket: Womens / Mens
Shelter Jacket: Womens / Mens


Representable pants with extraordinary comfort

Our Recharge Pants are the perfect choice for your bike commute to work. They provide protection against wind and weather, while the material's ability to transport sweat away from the body keeps you dry and comfortable.

The pants are developed with a classic design and unique freedom of movement that makes you want to keep them on when you arrive at work. And you can do just that.

If you prefer tights, a good alternative is a pair of form-fitting tights. You can choose between our C3 Tights with a regular waist or Women's C3 Training Tights with a high waist.

If you want a little padding for your "rear end", the C3 Multisport Tights are ideal. A small fleece lining ensures that you won't get sore from the bike saddle. These tights can also be worn as a base layer on cool days and separately on warmer days.

3 Essential Tips for a Better Cycling Experience

Find the Best Route

When cycling, you can often take shortcuts, use bike paths, or find alternative routes that are more suitable for traffic. Choose the shortest, most challenging, most scenic, or something completely different on Naviki.

Boost Your Motivation

Start by cycling to work a few times a week. If you have a colleague to cycle with, it's easier (and more obliging) to get going. Set goals for speed, distance, and calories burned. Use a bike computer or download free apps such as Strava for help.

The Long Ride

Combine cycling with public transport. It's free to bring your bike on the S-train. Have a "station bike" for the last part of the trip to your workplace. There are several super bike paths around the country that make the journey faster and safer for you.

Choose the right equipment

Are you cycling on asphalt or venturing into nature? Perhaps an e-bike is the right choice for longer distances. And what about visibility, storage, helmets, and all the other gear? Some items are required by law and a safety necessity, while others are "nice to have" and gear you can expand as you become more reliant on your daily bike ride.


Choose clothing, helmet, gloves, and other accessories that contain both reflectors and visible colors. Visible colors are good during the day and in low light conditions, while the reflectors are effective in the dark and low light conditions.

Spend an extra 2 seconds to carefully orient yourself at intersections and side roads. Be aware of right-turning cars behind you and left-turning cars in front of you. Hold back in those situations until you make eye contact and are sure they have seen you.


Many cycling accidents happen when the cyclist is hit from behind. Therefore, our clear recommendation is that you always - 24/7 - use a lit taillight.

Ideally, you have two attached. An LED light that blinks and one that illuminates constantly. It provides both visibility and attention but also serves as an extra safety feature if one taillight runs out of power along the way.

A brightly shining, high-quality headlight is, of course, a must.

Gloves/Shoe covers

Freezing hands or feet can be detrimental to your experience. Therefore, choose a good pair of gloves. Also, they protect your hands from small stones and scratches if you fall. Making quality gloves requires specialists and glove makers - look towards Hestra or similar brands.

Be aware that there are also good shoe covers that can protect you from cold and precipitation.

The Helmet

There are countless helmets on the market, so you have to try them out to find the right mix of ventilation, weight, safety, and visibility. Too much ventilation gets too cold in winter, and too little ventilation is too hot in summer.

Choose protection over fashion. The helmet's functional and protective significance cannot be overestimated. Right now, I'm sitting opposite a colleague who was hit by a car just this morning. Fortunately, his head is still intact, but the helmet definitely isn't. Therefore, choose a helmet produced by a specialist, and do not skimp on this part of the equipment.

A good helmet has the MIPS safety system built-in, which almost acts like a gyroscope for your brain when an accident occurs. Your helmet may also have LED lights - especially at the back. A quality helmet could be from MET, Abus, Kask, POC, GIRO.


The placement and quantity of the things you must bring on your bike ride are naturally very individual.

If it is commuting, you may be able to bring most of it when the car or bus is the means of transportation to work and only bring the most necessary items on bike days. A small well-fitting backpack is not a bother (maybe apart from a sweaty spot on your back), and you get the opportunity to ride without a rear fender.

But if it's about storing a bit more gear, placement on the bike - e.g., a bike bag - gives the best weight distribution. In addition, the back and shoulders are relieved, and you avoid sweating on your back under the backpack. One of the best providers of that kind is the German brand Racktime.

The Right Bike

Choosing the right bike depends on your individual needs. If it is your primary mode of transportation, you may need to commute or ride off-road. Or perhaps you are considering an e-bike that can provide assistance on longer distances, in headwinds and hilly terrain (not to mention savings on fuel and CO2).

Make a prioritized list of your desires and visit a few bike shops where you can try out models and get advice on the right bike.