We want all athletes in the FUSION Club to be able to perform optimally regardless of conditions.

This means that clothes should not be too large either. When you train and become fitter, you should not be punished because the clothes become too large. With Fusion's Fit Replacement service, we offer you to exchange your clothing at a very favorable price with a 50% discount based on the current recommended retail price when you become more fit. The offer applies to goods purchased within the last 12 months from a Fusion Dealer or at and applies to a similar size model.

Fill in these form and Send product to Fusion ApS, Atletikvej 3, 9230 Svenstrup mrk. Fit Replacement.

The following conditions must be met:

  • The product must be a maximum of 1 year old

The service applies to anyone who is registered for the FUSION Club, which is free to be a member of. You can sign up at the bottom of our homepage.