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Our TestLab measures it

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We aim to be better than the standard

At HQ in Svenstrup, Denmark, we have our own Test Lab. There we spend every day
looking for what we would rather not find: Fluff, wear and tear. In order to develop and
improve, we can simulate the extreme environments that challenge durability and
functionality to the maximum using advanced techniques. But basic laboratory tests
aren’t enough. Equally important is the practical use by critical everyday users and world

We are not designers – we are product developers

FUSION is as much a tech company as it is a clothing company. We aim to continuously
deliver measurably better functionality and performance in our products. That takes time,
so we don’t follow fleeting fashion trends. Instead, we continuously improve our existing
range through systematic testing of both new and existing materials. And always double
up on the standards requirements.

The human test lab

We can go far in product development with mechanical measurements and facts. But the dynamics of the body and the Scandinavian weather are complex and unpredictable. Therefore, the protection, the fit, the moisture wicking – everything that is experienced as comfort – is carefully judged by test users in our real-life test lab.

From athlete to everyday use

Together with some of the world’s best athletes, we are constantly optimizing our game in the fight against the clock. Looking towards aerodynamic surfaces, extremely solar-protective materials, active cooling and sweat-wicking fabrics improves their performance. And it gives us valuable knowledge that translates into wear-resistant sportswear for everyday use.

0.3% returns is still too high

Only after a long period of daily use can good sports gear pass the real test. Mistakes are unfortunately inevitable, but provide valuable insight. The returned claims are essential for even more testing in the quest to eliminate the last 0.3%.

Meet our test machines

Here’s how we test our fabric, to ensure you get optimal quality and durability in your sportswear.
The Martindale Test

With Martindale, we measure durability and wear-resistance of materials and surfaces. The tested textile is exposed under pressure to high levels of friction with ‘stressful’ materials to simulate real-life long-term wear. And we always double up on the requirements of industry standards.

The Stretch Test

In the stretch test, the strength and stretch of the material are tested, but also the important ability to retract. This is an important tool in quality control and product development when examining new materials and technologies.

The Pilling and Snagging test

In this test we ensure that, during use, the textile does not develop loose fibres that form small balls on the surface, called ‘pilling’. When we measure snagging, we test the resistance of the textile to minor damage and cuts.

The Moisture-Wicking Test

In sportswear, optimal sweat wicking is essential. We work with high-tech materials providing functions such as capillary suction – otherwise known as ‘active sweat wicking’. Here we measure wicking time and absorption of moisture in the fabrics, to keep the skin feeling dry and comfortable.

Targano Trend Microscope

Our advanced digital microscope, also used in biology and medicine, meets the professional requirements we have to see details and tiny structures crystal clear. The display and database connectivity allows our Test Lab to consult on results and store them for comparison purposes.

Fully tested classic tights

Tights that have undergone 15 years of development, wrapped in a proven and timeless design