Based on the demanding requirements of the triathlon community, FUSION has always focused on developing high-performance sportswear with emphasis on functionality over fashion.

Our long-term and timeless collection is constantly refined to enhance the capabilities and quality of our products, rather than replacing them with seasonal items. The result is uncompromising and thoroughly tested sportswear with long-lasting durability for both daily exercise and professional use.

Always in competition - against ourselves

We have always pursued our passion, both in sports and in our business. We love the challenge, the meticulous preparation and strategies, the battle and the euphoria. We have found new ways - detours, exits, and sometimes even setbacks - to get ahead, to lead the pack, and to wear the leader's jersey.

We started in the mid-90s with a small store. However, the products we purchased rarely met our expectations and demands for functionality and performance. As dedicated athletes, we began to develop our own equipment, and it was a success. FUSION was born.

Since then, we have listened, learned from, and tested with the pros to create the ultimate high-performance sportswear: to make the user UNSTOPPABLE even under the most extreme conditions.

Back then, the driving force was the desire and will to meet the next obstacle with a slightly better solution - and it still is.

We will never truly reach the finish line because we will always try to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Brdr. Mads & Per Brun Nissen,

When it comes to durability

With over 20 years under its belt, our FUSION C3 tights have put us ahead of the pack. With forward-thinking functionality, comfort, and fit, we've created a classic that has proven its durability in training, competition, and the washing machine since 1999.

And with significant innovation in process, production, and product that also extends to the environment and employees, we now offer an original series of sportswear that is a durable investment for the future in every way.

When it comes to the measurable

We measure our success by the discerning users who claim that they cannot do without our products even after 5, 10, 15 years of use. We measure optimization and performance in wind tunnels and on technical cycling tracks.

And then there are all the top results, all the athletes who come in first. Their achievements speak for themselves.

Experience the Unmatched Feeling

The feeling cannot be explained. It must be experienced. In use. Because it is only here that you truly experience the result of our efforts to develop the complete and uncompromising range of sportswear.

The functionality of each individual product and in combination with each other, the high-tech materials, the processing and fit. And everything else that makes you unable to do without the tangible difference between a regular pair of tights and a true training companion.