The wait is over:
TEMPO! is dropping this spring

Endless hours of testing and optimising are finally over. Sam Laidlow proved its performance by smashing the bike course record on Hawaii. Now it's your time to shine.

We help ambitious people achieve their biggest dreams through comfortable, durable and functional gear for the daily training and world-class results.

Since 1999

Comfortable, durable and functional gear for the daily workout and world-class results
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Ground breaking
Triathlon Suits

Discover our world-known speed suits for all distances

SINCE 1999

Developed in Denmark. Handmade in Lithuania

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We aren't designers – we are product developers

There is no finish line in our game. We will continue to develop and improve our sportswear to be as comfortable as it is fast - for any purpose, discipline or athlete out there. Handcrafted in Lithuania, designed in Denmark.

Co-developed with the toughest users in the world

Magnus Ditlev, Sam Laidlow, Daniel Bækkegård and Florian Angert are amongst our team of athletes which play a huge part of our product development. Not just for our race day clothing, but also in our collections for everyday training.