A new era of TEMPO®

Introducing TEMPO! ONE, TWO, and THREE – Our new and enhanced lineup of triathlon suits.Each TEMPO! Suit is designed to cater to specific needs, enabling every individual to choose the suit that best fits their speed profile.

Select the suit that matches your ambition and experience level, and power through your race with confidence. Explore the suits below.

An update from the original Tempo Suit, this suit is the highest standard of our triathlon performance gear, meticulously crafted for those who lead the pack. Now available in both Mens and Womens version.

NEW: The aerodynamic sleeves now features a strategic 15-degree fabric twist, enhancing airflow and reducing drag. Optimized pattern fitting guarantees a second-skin feel, tailored for relentless speed.

Recommended for athletes aiming for a long-distance finish time between 7 to 9 hours.

A unisex suit designed with the intermediate athlete in mind, blending exceptional aerodynamics with enhanced comfort. It utilizes advanced features like breathable mesh, aerodynamic sleeves with a strategic design, and sun-protective fabrics, all meticulously tailored for the dedicated triathlete.

NEW: This is a brand new suit, replacing our most sold suit, SLi Speed Suit, keeping the strategically placed pockets for race essentials, ensuring functionality doesn't compromise its streamlined profile.

Recommended for athletes targeting a finish time of 9 to 11 hours.

The Tempo! THREE Suit, formerly known as Speed Suit V2, is the perfect entry point into the world of triathlon.

Its design, rooted in accessibility, does not compromise on quality or performance, and while aerodynamics and speed are still pivotal, the emphasis on comfort and a supportive fit ensures that every new challenger can focus on their race, not their racewear.

Recommended for new and upcoming athletes targeting a finish time of 11 hours and beyond.

The TEMPO! Series is designed to cater to diverse needs, enabling athletes to choose apparel that best suits their velocity profile.

Our approach to aerotesting transcends traditional boundaries, focusing on the symbiosis between athlete and apparel in combating wind resistance, the athlete's most formidable adversary. Our rigorous wind tunnel analyses and real-world testing, coupled with direct feedback from elite athletes, enable us to refine our fabrics to ensure they offer excellent aerodynamic benefits at varying speeds.

We understand that the relationship between speed, fabric texture, and aerodynamic efficiency is intricate, leading us to innovate continuously. By prioritizing scientific rigor and real-world applicability, we don't just promise superior performance; we deliver it, as evidenced by the records set and broken by athletes in Fusion gear.

4-way stretch

Maximum Range of Motion

12-10 mmHg

Level of Compression (measured by mmHg*)

UPF 50+

Highest Possible Sunprotection

191 grams

Ultra lightweight (measured from Tempo! TWO Suit size M)

Record-Breaking Moments and Victories

Champions Wear TEMPO!®

Celebrate our athletes' triumphs, from Magnus Ditlev’s two stunning victories at Challenge Roth to Sam Laidlow’s remarkable win at the Ironman World Championship in Nice.

TEMPO! was made to break records, on world stages and in personal milestones, equally elevating elite and amateur athletes.

Details on the record-breaking moments*

  1. Sam Laidlow: Ironman World Champion 2023 (Time 8:06:22) – LINK
  2. Vittoria Bussi: Womens UCI Hour World Record (Distance: 50,267 km.) – LINK
  3. Magnus Ditlev: Fastest Bike-split at 2024 T100 Miami (Split-time 1:41:45) – LINK
  4. Frederik Muff: Danish Record in 10 km and 30 km time trial 2023 (Time 10 km: 10:57 | Time 30 km: 34:19) – LINK
  5. Magnus Ditlev: First ever Sub4 Hour Bike-split on Full Ironman-distance (Split-time: 3:57:445) – LINK
  6. Daniel Bækkegård: Course Record at 2023 Ironman Western Australia (Time 7:34:23) – LINK
  7. Magnus Ditlev: Best Bike-split at 2023 PTO European Open (Time 1:48:55) – LINK
  8. Sam Laidlow: Fastest Bike Split at 2023 Ironman World Championships (Time 4:31:28) – LINK
  9. Magnus Ditlev: Wins Challenge Roth two years in a row (2022-2023) – LINK
  10. Sam Laidlow: Fastest Bike Split Ever at 2022 Ironman World Championships Kona (Time 4:04:36) – LINK