Almost Unfair
A new era of TEMPO! for dedicated cyclist

We're proud to present a new era of our TEMPO! Cycling Series, featuring both new and upgraded products for men and women.

The updated TEMPO! Range will be launched April 22 at 13.00 ET / 10.00 PT.

What's in store:

  • Tempo! ONE Jersey (New colors with other sleeve material)
  • Womens Tempo! ONE Jersey (New product)
  • Tempo! TWO Jersey (New product)
  • Mens Tempo! Bib Shorts (existing product)
  • Womens Tempo! Bib Shorts (New product)
  • Tempo! RR Aero Sock (Existing product)
  • Tempo! Sleeves (Existing product)
UCI Hour Record in TEMPO!
Faster than ever

In a custom made Tempo! Suit, Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi shattered the UCI Women's Hour Record by covering more than 50 kilometers in one hour and became the first woman to surpass the 50k mark.


TEMPO! is our pinnacle product collection – the very best we have to offer. Athlete-tested and race-proven by our Continental Team ColoQuick Cycling this collection ushers in a new era for cyclists who demand more than just speed from their suits — they demand an edge that feels almost unfair.

Details on the record-breaking moments*
  1. Sam Laidlow: Ironman World Champion 2023 (Time 8:06:22) – LINK
  2. Vittoria Bussi: Womens UCI Hour World Record (Distance: 50,267 km.) – LINK
  3. Magnus Ditlev: Fastest Bike-split at 2024 T100 Miami (Split-time 1:41:45) – LINK
  4. Frederik Muff: Danish Record in 10 km and 30 km time trial 2023 (Time 10 km: 10:57 | Time 30 km: 34:19) – LINK
  5. Magnus Ditlev: First ever Sub4 Hour Bike-split on Full Ironman-distance (Split-time: 3:57:445) – LINK
  6. Daniel Bækkegård: Course Record at 2023 Ironman Western Australia (Time 7:34:23) – LINK
  7. Magnus Ditlev: Best Bike-split at 2023 PTO European Open (Time 1:48:55) – LINK
  8. Sam Laidlow: Fastest Bike Split at 2023 Ironman World Championships (Time 4:31:28) – LINK
  9. Magnus Ditlev: Wins Challenge Roth two years in a row (2022-2023) – LINK
  10. Sam Laidlow: Fastest Bike Split Ever at 2022 Ironman World Championships Kona (Time 4:04:36) – LINK