2023 Retrospective:

Yet another year of business as usual. Setting new records, exploring new paths, and embracing new challenges: always striving to improve.

Danish Magnus Ditlev wins Challenge Roth 2023
We always trying to become even better:
Fusion produces precisely what buyers demand: In 2023, we've sold 102% of the manufactured products.

In our Test Lab in Northern Jutland, we conduct material testing and craft innovative prototypes that redefine performance wear.

Our laboratory is where we challenge the limits of "intelligent" fabrics, improving existing products and creating new ones. We also subject our apparel and fabrics to extreme testing, exceeding even the harshest professional standards, like airport terminal seating.

Prototype Sewing Studio

Nestled within our Research and Development (R&D) department, the Prototype Sewing Studio is where technical innovation thrives, and world records take shape.

Its strategic placement within R&D yields unparalleled benefits, expediting the transformation of technical blueprints into physical prototypes.

FUSION Athletes
Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi breaks the 50-kilometer barrier, setting a new women's hour world record.
FUSION collaboration

Frederik Muff, Coloquick Cycling breaks two old Danish records

An effort was made to break two longstanding time trial records: 10- and 30-kilometer time trials, all in a single day.

After completing the initial 10 km record attempt, the average speed is calculated at 54.75 km/h. The time speaks for itself: 10:57:42 - surpassing the old record of 12:16:00 by over a minute.

Frederik Muff, of Coloquick Cycling, establishes two records in an entirely newly developed Fusion time trial suit.

In less than ten hours, Muff achieved another success by securing the record in the 30 km time trial with a substantial improvement: 34:19:00 at an average speed of 52.45 km/h - nearly 4 minutes faster than the previous record of 38:09:45.

Sam Laidlow wins the 2023 Ironman World Championship
fusion event
FUSION Open 2023

Over 500 participants took part in Gravel, Road, Running, Body Bike, Yoga, CrossFit North, OCR - and enjoyed a fantastic time with plenty of gear and laughter. Looking forward to seeing you again in September.

We always trying to become even better:
In 2023, our warranty claim percentage was only 0.3%
Fusion athletes
We always trying to become even better:
76% of retailers place orders every week or biweekly, ensuring a consistent supply of seasonally current products in stores.
Fusion collaboration

Fusion event:
Ironman Champ 2023 visiting FUSION HQ

IRONMAN CHAMPION 2023, Sam Laidlow, made the journey from the French Pyrenees to Denmark for a short visit. The visit concluded with an open FUSION event where Tri-Oraklet interviewed Sam in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Fusion collaboration
Be seen, be safe

Alongside Coloquick Cycling, we launched the campaign: 'Be Seen, Be Safe.'

Aimed at emphasizing safety and visibility in traffic, the campaign promoted increased visibility while running and cycling during the winter months.

We always trying to become even better:
Order handling: 98% of order requests are fulfilled the following day.
Fusion athletes
In race 2023

Fusion athletes
The Danish track national team wins gold in the 4000-meter team pursuit at the World Championships

Customized aerosocks from Fusion's Prototype Sewing Studio were featured with the team at the Velodrome in Glasgow.

Fusion collaboration
We always trying to become even better:
The right product at the right time in the right place: In 2023, FUSION HQ received small, timely orders from our factory 92 times.
2023 FUSION introducing:

Countless hours of aero testing, bike course analyzing and real-life records have made us 100% confident that we can now introduce our fastest series of sportswear ever.

Step into a world of unstoppable performance and experience the next generation of race gear for triathlon, cycling and running.

2023 FUSION introducing:
Womens Gym Tights

The ultimate training tights for workouts:

  • All-cover panel: Squat-proof performance
  • Power fit: They stay where they should during training
  • Dry skin feeling: Comfortable training
2023 FUSION introducing:
Cycling Training Jersey

A zipper-free cycling jersey that provides unparalleled comfort - the short-sleeved version of our iconic Light LS Cycling Jersey, acclaimed by users as the best on the market.

  • Quick-drying and stretchy material
  • Unisex fit - suitable for both men and women

2023 FUSION introducing:
Urban Pants

Urban Pants is our progressive take on the traditional pants, blending the unstoppable features from the sport with urban style. A fusion of our extensive technical knowledge and experience from rigorous endurance sports with the simplicity and timelessness of traditional trousers.