All-round flexibility meets durable craftsmanship in the most efficient running wardrobe that enables year-round training.

Running Core

A functional and durable running wardrobe.

With these eight products, you are covered against changing weather conditions for all your training sessions throughout the year. Learn more about the products and how to assemble the most efficient running wardrobe below

The package:

1) Long tights

2) Short tights

3) Hot tights

4) T-shirt

5) Long sleeved t-shirt

6) The Run Jacket

7) The best midlayer

8) The flexible zip neck

1) Long tights

Two of our bestsellers, which are the result of 15+ years of development and user testing of our tights. A comfortable, stretchy, and durable training partner that stays in place during your run.

You are guaranteed a pair of tights that will withstand both training and washing for many years to come. Additionally, the 3M reflective tape on the legs keeps you visible during dark hours. These tights have almost endless possibilities and can be used throughout the year.

C3 Long Tights are developed in a unisex fit that suits both men and women - with a regular waist.

Womens C3 Training Tights are high-waisted with a fit tailored to the female body.

A warmer version of the long tights for both men and women. A great choice in the winter season as the outer layer of these tights is finely knitted to repel cold and wind, and has a soft and thermoregulating backside that retains the body's natural heat.

Hot Long Tights
are developed in a unisex fit that suits both men and women - with a regular waist.

Womens Hot Long Tights are high-waisted with a fit tailored to the female body.

4) The T-shirt

C3 T-shirt is the perfect top for your summer runs or as a base layer in the spring and fall months. The T-shirt is super lightweight and quick-drying, ensuring a comfortable training experience. With its loose-fitting, figure-hugging design and thoroughly tested length, it's a no-brainer to have in your running wardrobe.

Additionally, the C3 T-shirt is made from Danish-produced fabric, knitted in Ikast and dyed in Herning.

5) The long sleeved T-Shirt

The C3 LS Shirt is the perfect running shirt for cool summer days or for wearing underneath a jacket or zip neck in the spring and fall months. The shirt is made from a Danish-produced fabric, knitted in Ikast and dyed in Herning.

You'll get a truly soft t-shirt with long sleeves, and the technical material makes it particularly breathable and quick-drying.

The Protective Running Jacket

A wind- and water-resistant jacket that provides extra protection during runs in cold and unpredictable weather. Designed for the Northern European climate, this jacket offers enormous flexibility as you can adjust your other layers based on the weather conditions.

Discreet but secure 3M reflective bands on the collarbone and back ensure 360-degree visibility during dark hours.

You may choose the jacket in Hi-Vis for added safety.

7) The Optimal Midlayer

The C3 Midlayer is a versatile long-sleeved running shirt that is suitable for training sessions throughout all seasons of the year.

The shirt is suitable as both a first and second layer, as it actively transports sweat away from the body, effectively removing it to the outside where it quickly disappears. This means that you will not become damp and cold, either during or after activity.

8) The Versatile Zip Neck

The C3 Zip Neck is a fantastic addition to your running wardrobe. The soft and comfortable zip neck is a versatile running shirt that you can use as a mid-layer on cold winter runs or as an outer layer on top of a sweat-wicking base layer.

The shirt is designed with a high collar and a short zipper, allowing you to adjust the collar according to the weather and your style.

This zip neck is made from our elastic and sweat-wicking C3 material, making it quick-drying, breathable, and durable.

The C3 Zip Neck can also be worn when traveling to/from your workout or during warm-up exercises.

How to

The different weather scenarios throughout the year place demands on your clothing choices and the layering of your outfit.

Below you can find inspiration on how to dress for your run.

Weather forecast

+8°C - Light wind

Weather forecast:
+8°C - Light wind

Womens C3 Training Tights
C3 Zip Neck
C3 T-shirt

Weather forecast

+10°C - Calm wind

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