We have always been driven by passion. Both in sport and in our business.

Have loved the challenge and the attack of it. The meticulous preparations and strategies – the struggle, the euphoria and the exhaustion. Have found new ways, detours, ways to get past and sometimes steps backwards. Ways to get ahead. To meet the next obstacle with a slightly better solution.
For we will never be fully finished with pushing the limits of what is possible. In our day-to-day life – in the equipment – in sport. In training – at the knitting machine – in Hawaii. Both in the short and the long run. The passion for being able to perform at your optimum level regardless of conditions.

Mads & Per Brun Nissen Bros.


We don’t think fashion – a specific design or a new season. Never.

For us it always starts in a completely different place. With the most important thing: the fabric. To find, without compromise, just the right fabric – the yarns that give us the best opportunity to produce some “intelligent” and proper clothing. For both the extreme professional the whole world round and for everyday use. Again and again. To be that extra layer of skin that protects, optimises, resists. And yet one that you do not notice.


We are control freaks. That’s what sport has taught us. Victory is in sight only when you are fully dedicated to the detail in everything.

So we often go against the flow. Not because we necessarily want to – but because we are always carefully consider our options:
Do we want others to handle the development and prototype sewing? Do we want to be dependent on our fabric suppliers?
Do we want the hassle of producing in the East? Do we want to copy the fashion industry in logistics and distribution?

No. We have a responsibility – and we believe in the simplicity and craftsmanlike quality of doing the job ourselves and thus want to have everything to hand.

Almost literally...

with our own sewing department on the company’s premises it’s but a short distance from thought to action. New ideas and prototypes can be tried out, and improvements can be integrated and tested here and now.

with our own factory in Lithuania we do not need to mass produce. Here we run a flexible changeover between small product series, based solely on demand – entirely independent of season and time of year. This also gives us the opportunity to adjust and improve along the way. The added bonus is resource and environmental sustainability: we do not overproduce, and transport to our warehouse in North Jutland is relatively short.

with stock control at our fingertips and not with you in the store, we can supply the latest products and precisely the item the customer demands for the correct type of weather, wind and training conditions right now.

We live in close proximity to clothing – in clothes – from clothes. And that offers a perceptive view of making it all just a little bit better tomorrow.

MADE IN EUROPE BY Fusion.Factory

The FUSION factory specialises in producing FUSION’s clothing – and only FUSION clothing – in that way achieving the highest quality. The production operates according to a strict FLOW principle, which yields small series and a short turnaround time. This reduces waste to an absolute minimum.


Two exotic Pacific islands have played influential roles in our product development. At least indirectly – and yet in every way. Years ago we encountered the Italian manufacturer of Iglo, a fabric that, due to its most striking advantage, opacity, was used in the production of that renowned item of swimwear, the bikini – named after the small Pacific atoll.

When we returned home the “bikini-fabric” came with us, and soon the prototypes were ready for testing – for example, on the body of a Danish athlete taking part in Ironman Hawaii 2009. The first obvious observation after that extreme race was that the suit provided unprecedented sun protection, due to the yarn’s unique composition of filaments with a ceramic core, reflecting sunlight and rendering the fabric extra white.

It also revealed that the “bikini-fabric” provides a mix of outer protection, optimal fit and unique sweat-transporting properties that make it both cool and warm against the skin as needed.

The fabric eminently maximizes the body’s comfort and performance in different competitive and weather conditions. That’s why Iglo is still an important part of our “material DNA” – though we will never stop enhancing the properties of the “bikini-fabric”.

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