Benjamin Andersen

Benjamin Andersen

I was born on 21 September 1995, so that makes me 22 now. I grew up playing a bit of football with the local football club, but as a young teenager I found my way to martial arts instead – taekwon-do to be precise. Somehow I was more at home in it, and soon found out I had a talent in that direction. I learnt a lot from martial arts. One thing was greater self-discipline, and I developed body control, agility and robustness generally. After four or five years with the sport I just managed to get my black belt, but then my motivation began to dwindle – it got too monotonous and trivial for me on a daily basis, and at the same time I started looking at triathlon.

From the day I first joined Aalborg Triathlon Club in 2013 as a complete beginner, to today, where I am just at the lower end of the Danish elite, an incredible lot has happened. What makes triathlon so special is its diversity. It is not enough “simply” to be a good runner or a good swimmer. No, you have to be good all round, and be able to combine all three disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, so they unite in harmony. That is what I find exciting to work at.

I think what makes me unique as an athlete is first and foremost my self-discipline and control of my body, which I have brought from my years in taekwon-do, plus the fact that in spite of my strong inner competitive attitude, I am still well-liked and popular. In addition, my level is relatively high in all three disciplines, and I don’t drop back badly anywhere. I “simply” have to work hard to improve in all three directions, and I know there is lots of hidden potential. 

Fusion sportswear has been my preferred choice ever since I started triathlon. There is no compromise in the clean look, quality and functionality, while the constant innovation and search for improvements mean that their sportswear is never out of fashion.

I have used Fusion sportswear outdoors in the Danish winter, in the dry heat of a Spanish summer, and in north-eastern Australia, where the air humidity is extremely high. Fusion has been able to supply me with the best of the best for the given situations everywhere. On my trip to Australia I had some of my very longest AND very best cycle rides ever, in spite of the extremely high humidity and temperatures. I cycled in the new Fusion SLi cycling-kit, which in my view is without a doubt the wildest cycling set ever. Absolutely breathable, super-light, and with comfort like nothing else. I took one cycling trip on the best side of 200 km in this cycling kit, and there was nothing to find fault with at any point – it was a unique experience. 

I am very much looking forward to another season wearing Fusion training and competing kit. This season will be affected by starting at university in February, but I still have great expectations for it. To make the best possible start on my studies, I have decided together with Gregers, my coach, that we will focus chiefly on the Danish elite events. So my real big goal for the season will be the Danish middle-distance championships in Herning on 9 June. 

In addition, I am looking forward to another exciting year with my physiotherapist, Claus Sørensen from Recoverfit, and my coach, Gregers from CREDO Endurance – and together, I am certain that we can keep on making excellent progress.

… AND of course, my favourite nutrition brand, 226ERS by, which I have personally been helping to promote in Denmark for the last couple of years. Natural, organic dietary supplements aimed specifically at endurance athletes who will not compromise on quality – the same philosophy as Fusion – which was precisely what attracted me.