Nicklas Røssner

Nicklas Røssner


Don’t settle 

In 2017, after several years of hard work, my real breakthrough on the triathlon scene came when I was selected for the Danish national team. After a number of good performances, including a European championship in my AG, with a four-minute victory margin, and a 2nd victory in the Bundesliga and a 5th place in the Nordic championships, I had shown that I was a triathlete on the way up, with great goals and ambitions. As a former cyclist, I am on a high level, and among the absolute elite in the cycling discipline. Combined with high levels in running and swimming just behind the very best, I am a safe choice as a man to form the race. I believe in giving as much back to the sport as I get from it, and I have therefore been a committed volunteer youth coach for four years, to make my impression on the future development of the sport. My mantra is “Don’t settle”, since I believe that the way to progress goes through constantly looking for new limits and challenges outside one’s comfort zone. Happy – but never satisfied. My goal this season will be to take part in the top10 in the European Cups and thus be selected for the World Cups to collect points for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 

Four unique characteristics that describe my approach to triathlon:


Attitude to work – My attitude to work is exceptional, and is my daily driving force to get the most out of every situation on every occasion. 

Determination – My determination to win, which is based on several target-setting theories, gives me the final push on the way to the greatest achievements. 

Enjoyment – Enjoying my sport and using my body as a tool is reflected in my education in sport and physiotherapy, where I want to create positive energy in everyone who is part of my journey. 

Optimism – With almost naive optimism I want to convince anyone with the slightest doubt that with the right mindset and the right plan, nothing is impossible. 


What’s your best performance(s)?

  • Winning the 2nd Bundesliga Verl 2017 Elite men 
  • 2nd place, Danish Sprint championships, Elite men 2018 Tyren 
  • 5th place, ETU Nordic Championships Elite men in 2017 
  • 13th place, ETU European Cup, Oltzyn 2018, Elite men 
  • AG European Sprint Champion 2015 & 2017, AG 20-24 & AG 20-29 + Overall 

The result that means the most to me is the 2nd place in the Danish championships in sprint at Tyren.
Like all athletes I feel uncertain, and I felt I had to prove to myself that I really belong in the absolute elite in Denmark. It was a great relief when I succeeded. Coming 2nd after Andreas Schilling, who was in the top 10 last season in the world’s toughest triathlon league World Triathlon Series, felt almost like an absolute victory! 

What does FUSION equipment mean to you during training and in competition?

I have trained and raced in FUSION since my first day in the sport. Attention to detail is important to me, and with FUSION I know I always have world-class training and racing kit. The best clothes are the ones you cannot feel you are wearing when you are on the go, and that is how FUSION feels for me. And in addition, FUSION’s aesthetics mean I am always noticed in the field! 


What other sponsors do you have and how do they help you become a better athlete? 

My other sponsors are Fusionsport and 226ERS. Fusionsport help me with everything from cycles to shoes, and they always have a solution when I need it most. That means I could not do without them as partners. 226ERS ensure that I always have energy and a recovery supplement, so I can endure the hard daily training and am always ready to perform – and on top of that it is 100 per cent organic! 

16 January 1991