Oscar Gladney

Oscar Gladney


I am 19 and live in Viborg in Denmark.

What defines me as an athlete is my approach to training. I am highly disciplined, and work hard to achieve the targets I set for myself. My training is driven by a strong determination to develop all the time and become better, and my passion for triathlon. 

My greatest results were the gold medal at the junior World championships in Cross Triathlon, and a 13th place at the junior World championships in sprint. The World champion title in Cross Triathlon has meant a lot to me, because it has shown that a dedicated approach pays off, and of course the fact that only a very few people get to call themselves world champions.

FUSION sportswear gives me the best conditions for training in all kinds of weather, both for cycling and running. It fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear, which is very important when I train for so many hours every day. During races, the FUSION tri-suit helps to provide great comfort and outstanding aerodynamics.

Besides FUSION, I am also sponsored by 226ERS, who ensure I am running well on the energy side, and that I perform optimally at all training sessions. In addition: Speedo, who have made it possible for me to swim in the best equipment on the market. Agilease, who have offered me transport at all times, and make sure I have everything I need. Sportigan, who have helped me during the last year to run well in excellent running shoes.