Viktor Hald Thorup

Viktor Hald Thorup


What makes you unique as an athlete?

I have a constant urge to optimise my training and lifestyle to give my best performance in the skating rink. From a very young age, I have practised a lot with a definite structure. 


What’s your best performance(s)?

5th place in the 2018 Winter Olympics
4th place in the 2019 World Cup final

9th place in the 5000m World championships all round in 2019


Which performance has influenced you the most?

My 5th place in the Olympics was a great moment, because it was the best Danish individual performance ever at the Winter Olympics. Apart from that, my first top-10 place in the World championships broke new ground for me mentally, because that was when I realised that I have a real chance of being the best skater in the world.


What does FUSION equipment mean to you during training and in competition?

Fusion helps me a lot when I am training, when I am literally in a gigantic freezer. Here it is very important to wear comfortable clothing that absorbs sweat. At the same time I make heavy demands on aerodynamics, because in the fast practice sessions we skate at 50-60 km per hour. I think Fusion meets the requirements better than any of the other brands I have used earlier. In the summer months I practise on in-liners, and the various skinsuits are perfect, because they fit closely, but at the same time allow excellent freedom of movement. That is vital in the extreme position during sprints and starts.


What other sponsors do you have and how do they help you become a better athlete? 

I have several local sponsors who help me to cover my heavy travelling budget, which is necessary until we get a 400 m skating rink built in Denmark. Luckily, Slagelse Municipality has supported me since my junior years and made it all possible. In addition, I get my dietary supplements from Staï, recovery boots from Yourboots, bars and gels from Powerbar, sunglasses and helmets from Bliz, a cycle from the Danish Pronghorn company, and training devices from 


14 August 1994.