When it matters FOR YOU

Basically it doesn’t matter what you wear when running or cycling for an hour in temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. But some people would like to do a little more. Some want to exercise when the weather is not quite so stable – varying from rain or cold to strong sunlight. As the result of a highly technical approach to fabrics, FUSION helps you to perform at optimal level in all conditions. We have the best solutions for when you take part in your first half or whole marathon or when you cycle in La Marmotte, Stelvio, etc.



Many people talk about microplastics and it’s also true there are huge problems worldwide with it. But if we talk only about the small things, we will never solve the very big problems, such as production methods and especially overproduction. In this world, too many goods are being produced, which means that brand names have to burn products in order to have space in their warehouses.

For a number of years we have taken a stand on this and acted accordingly. Many years ago we switched our manufacturing to only produce relevant goods in small quantities, which means we can have a small relevant stock of products that customers will buy here and now. Similarly, we do not buy large quantities and thus avoid wastage.

One of the other major offenders is transport, but by producing locally and choosing suppliers nearby we become closer in our relationships and ensure that both raw materials and finished products are freighted across as short a distance as possible.

When it matters OEKO-TEX

All FUSION products and subcontractors are Oeko-Tex certified. This ensures that no harmful substances are used in any part of the process and are similarly not found in the clothing.

One thing is harmful substances but an Oeko-Tex certified product is also your guarantee of a better product, since all the contractors connected to that product have made the decision to choose only the best suppliers and production methods in order to obtain their certificate.

When it matters FOR THE RETAILERS

Many retailers currently feel like a foie gras goose having products stuffed down their throats. Brand names have become “skilled” at running combined discounts and providing long credit times just to get dealers to buy even more items. In addition, the dealer has to buy in half a year in advance in large pre-orders, which will not be delivered until the next season, when the dealer will not yet know what will sell. This is a very bad turn of events and means that many shop owners have a difficult time.

We do not want to be a part of this and, therefore, for a long time we have not overproduced goods but instead have operated a concept called Flow -> No Pre-order, just Re-order. This essentially means that stores order items several times a week according to need. This ensures that they always have the right goods, at the right time, and in the right quantity. In this way there is no unnecessary stock and it’s good business, because there is no pressure to make unwise choices.



At FUSION we produce everything in our own workrooms in Europe. But to be able to produce in small series places great demands on the subcontractors since we do not want to order large batches. We are fully aware of this.

Therefore, we also have only a very small, manageable core of subcontractors, who are able to supply raw materials to us in small series, but always in the same high quality. In this way we are in close accordance with best practice in the food industry, which is very atypical in this sector.

The fact that we are so close and in weekly dialogue with our subcontractors means that we are constantly up-to-date with the latest developments and have long-established relationships.

This makes us go the distance for each other.

When it matters FOR THE WORKFORCE

Work at FUSION is more than a traditional job. We train together, we cycle and take part in sport in a way that is natural for each individual. This means that we are the first-hand users of the clothing and are in the place where you are when you train or compete. We can relate to you.

We cycle with the athletes with whom we work and we run with our retailers and partners. In addition, we believe that we as human beings and as a business must have a long lifespan. This means that no individual employee is ever exploited ruthlessly and the team is put together to match with regard to skills as well as personalities.

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