Hot Long Tights
Hot Long Tights
Hot Long Tights
Hot Long Tights
Hot Long Tights

Hot Long Tights


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Hot Long Tights

Warm long tights for the winter season

A warmer version of our long classic allround tights for both men and women. A great choice during the winter season as the outside of these tights is finely knitted to repel cold and wind and has a soft and thermoregulating backside that retains the body`s natural warmth.

A thoroughly tested timeless design, which has undergone 15 years of development and durable use, ensures you have a pair of tights that will last for many years of training, competition, and washing.

The special C3 material ensures quick and efficient sweat transport, so you never feel cold and damp, either during or after activity. At the same time, the composition and processing of the fabric guarantee an optimal fit that lasts over time - and makes annoying zippers unnecessary.

Hot Long Tights have a wide waistband with an adjustable drawstring and a small secure pocket at the back, as well as functional Fusion pockets on the thighs that keep your belongings close to your body without hindering your movements.

Discreet but secure 3M reflective bands on the lower legs ensure 360-degree visibility during the dark hours.

Available with an extra 4 cm of leg length. Choose X-long.


  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Warm and thermoregulating.
  • Functional pockets on thigh and lower back.

Details and materials

  • Unisex product
  • Active sweat-wicking
  • Functional Fusion pockets on thighs and small secured lumbar pocket
  • Elastic with built-in cord for individual fit
  • 3M reflective tape on lower legs
  • Fusion Powerlock: locking seam on seams
  • Fabric produced in Italy
  • Made in Fusion`s own sewing workshop in Lithuania
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified product; this means that all components such as fabrics, threads, transfers, zippers, elastic bands, labels, etc., have been tested and approved according to the standard. FUSION certificate number: 20170K1267 AITEX

Material: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Hot Long Tights
Hot Long Tights
Hot Long Tights
Hot Long Tights

FAQ: Hot Long Tights

In what temperatures are hot tights suitable?

Hot Long Tights models are a good choice on cold days, especially during the winter season, since the outer is super finely knit to keep out the cold and wind and has a soft and thermoregulating backside that retains natural body heat.

We recommend using them in the temperature range -5 °C to +10 °C.

For extra tough winter weather, you can look for the S3 model, which has an elastic membrane that repels wind and precipitation.

What is the inside leg measurement of the Hot Long Tights?

We know that leg measurement is important for pants in general. However, to achieve an optimal fit in a pair of Fusion tights, they are purposely undersized in the unique stretchy material. Therefore, you cannot judge the size before you try them on. You can easily find the right size on the tab: Fit and Size Guide.

Hot Long Tights are available in X-Long with 4 cm longer legs – but not in the largest/smallest sizes, because in these sizes, the normal leg length fits most.

Don’t the Hot Tights models get too hot?

No, the inside of the Hot Tights models is thermoregulating according to your need for heat.

In addition, they are actively moisture-wicking, which means the fabric absorbs moisture from the skin, and – simply put – a form of negative pressure in the material draws moisture to the outside, where it is distributed and quickly evaporates.

Is there a cord at the waist?

C3 Tights – unisex models like this one feature, in addition to a wide hip band, an adjustable cord.

How high should the waist be?

C3 unisex models, like this one, are designed to fit best if the waist sits over the top of the hip. If you are a woman and want a higher waist, choose, for example, Women’s C3 Training Tights with a high waist fit that sits above the hips.

Will a mobile phone fit in the side pockets?

A ‘normal’ sized phone measuring about 15 x 7 cm (e.g. an iPhone 14) can easily fit, even though the pocket looks small. The pockets are very stretchy to hold the contents firmly and tightly to the body during activity. The pockets are placed on the side of the thigh so the items you bring do not interfere with your running movements.

What is active moisture wicking?

Our special C3 material absorbs sweat from the skin, after which – simply put – a form of under pressure in the fabric draws moisture out to the outside, where it is distributed and quickly evaporates.