S3 Cycling Jacket
S3 Cycling Jacket
S3 Cycling Jacket
S3 Cycling Jacket

S3 Cycling Jacket


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S3 Cycling Jacket

The complete cycling jacket for wintry conditions

A windproof, insulated, and comfortable cycling jacket for training during cold and wet conditions in spring, autumn, and especially winter. The S3 Cycling Jacket is for both men and women.

The cycling jacket is constructed with a special 3-layer membrane that is water-resistant, protective, and has high breathability compared to similar membranes. At the same time, the jacket provides good insulation with a soft fleece interior. The unique feature is that you get optimal mobility and fit regardless of body type because the material is highly elastic.

Extra length on the back, which is finished with an elastic silicone grip, protects against water from the rear wheel when riding without fenders. The jacket has a robust zipper with a windproof backside and functional pockets over the lumbar region.

High visibility with a backward-facing reflex and 360-degree reflective visibility. Optionally choose the Hi-Vis jacket for greater safety.


  • Constructed with high elastic, water-repellent 3-layer membrane.
  • Good breathability provides high comfort.
  • Extra length on the back for better protection.

Details and materials

  • Unisex product
  • 3-layer membrane: front protective elastic, breathable, wind and water resistant
  • Insulating interior in soft and comfortable fleece
  • Fusion Powerlock: lockstitch on seams
  • Finished with elastic silicone grip
  • Robust YKK zipper with windproof back
  • Large 3M reflective logo at the bottom of the back, reflective tape on pocket edges, back hem and forearms as well as reflective logo on collarbone
  • Fusion Powerlock: lockstitch on seams
  • Fabric produced in Italy
  • Made in Fusion`s own sewing studio in Lithuania
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified product; this means that all components such as fabrics, threads, transfers, zippers, elastic bands, labels, etc., have been tested and approved according to the standard. FUSION certificate number: 20170K1267 AITEX

Material: Outer fabric: 73% nylon, 27% elastane. Inner fabric: 100% polyester. Membrane: 100% polyurethane. Back: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.

S3 Cycling Jacket
S3 Cycling Jacket
S3 Cycling Jacket
S3 Cycling Jacket

FAQ: S3 Cycling Jacket

The difference between S1, SLi and S3 Cycling Jacket

First of all, it’s important to understand that, no matter how water-repellent a cycling rain jacket is, you’re going to get wet, because condensation forms underneath. The most important thing to look for in a cycling rain jacket, therefore, is the right balance between impermeability and breathability, so the body can get rid of excess heat and you can stay comfortable.

S1 Rain Jacket: Not so much a race-fit jacket as it is a loose-fit jacket that you can easily stuff in a pocket. The material is a little ‘stiffer’ than the other two jackets, SLi and S3. For this reason, there are mesh panels on the side that provide some elasticity and help the body to breathe. It’s a really nice ‘recreational jacket’ and great for commuting.

SLi Cycling Jacket: The perfect cycling jacket that has endless uses. It is completely aero-tight and super-elastic, so it moulds to the body. It fits tightly – like it’s supposed to. It protects against wind and water and keeps you warm as long as you are moving. If you stop moving and become cold, it will not work until the body starts producing heat again. It is super for cold mornings or to have in a pocket for days with rain in the forecast. You can use it as a ‘transitional jacket’ with a Merino Base Layer underneath, down to 5–7 degrees Celsius, so it is also a jacket you can use on cold days.

The S3 Cycling Jacket should be called ‘Winter Jacket’, as that’s what it is. A super comfortable jacket that keeps you warm and comfortable in almost any winter weather, in a temperature span from -5 degrees to +5 degrees Celsius. The perfect setup is to use a C3 Merino LS as a base layer – yes, you got that right. You don’t need any more clothes than that for your winter rides.

Note that the jacket is supposed to fit snugly.