Elevate your business with FUSION

This is a proven solution that ensures you efficient earnings, minimal risk and more satisfied customers.

FUSION is a Danish High Performance brand in the categories Running, Cycling and Triathlon and we have the recipe for success in the retail market. 

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The most efficient m 2 in the Danish retail industry. 
A wall with FUSION products is the part of your store, where you have the highest turnover rate, lowest inventory and good earnings.

Good economy and earnings for you 
Our average Danish dealer orders for 200,000 DKR. per annum and the top ten premiers order an average of 600,000 DKR.

Low stock binding 
No more pre orders  - only small re-orders all the time, which gives you a high turnover rate and low risk and stockbinding. The concept is called SoBo - Sell one Buy one.

Small investment 
For a start, just bring 4 products in play. 4 tights. Short tights, 3/4 tights, long tights and hot tights. Then you can expand the range, when you see the success come.

In positive liquidity within 4 weeks 
The vast majority of retailers who start up with FUSION products are in positive liquidity within 4 weeks, and thereafter there will be positive liquidity subsequently, ie no pre orders and current sales.

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    What does that mean?
    Retail is in a state of change, when reaction times and stockholding become enormously important elements in running a good business. We take the responsibility and control for this by acting as the central warehouse for you, allowing you to only order the goods you want right now.

    How does it work?
    Via an intuitive web portal, you can regularly order the goods you need and we will ship them the same day. Through small well-planned production orders we ensure that we always have the right goods in stock to act as your backup, avoiding tying money up in overheads and stock. Our name for our system is ‘SoBo’ - Sell one Buy one, because every time you sell an item, you can simply order another for next day delivery.

    Drop shipment
    And as an extra service (and if you suddenly run out of a product), we will send it direct to your customer of your behalf with you as the sender. That means that no customer ever need leave your store without the 7 FUSION product they want. What’s more, you will have access to the entire range as a result enabling dealers to try out any new product groups by just ordering the new product in a size run. We will then ‘drop ship’ when a customer wants to buy.

    This is the modern way of retailing.

    The success is created on the basis of this product

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    Next step?

    Contact Sales Manager Rasmus Stadsgaard at +45 92 44 15 50 

    International Distributers:

    Rasmus Stadsgaard +45 92 44 15 50 rasmus@fusion.dk
    Rune Bækgaard +45 20 92 40 43 rune@fusion.dk

    Rasmus Stadsgaard +45 92 44 15 50 rasmus@fusion.dk

    Kristoffer Folkstrand +46 076-075 29 19 kristoffer@fusion.dk

    Dennis Albæk +48 695 969 776 poland@fusionworld.com

    Ronald de Graaf +31 6 18 95 70 71 ronald@fusion.dk
    Dennis Florussen +31 6 46 30 77 21 dennis@fusion.dk

    Jamie Hawthorn +44 (0) 777 676428 jamie@fusion.dk

    Niina-Susanna Larsson +358 50 3782173 niina@fusionworld.com

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