Sustainability / CSR

We, in the high-tech textile industry, are not sustainable. Your old leggings made of synthetic materials cannot currently be recycled. However, we have shifted our environmental focus towards fashion and overconsumption. Instead, we believe in durability because:

"CO2 emissions from production could fall by 44% if all clothing was used twice as much." Danish Consumer Council THINK

Therefore, we are constantly working to create simple, durable, and timeless products, so we have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.



Of course, we believe in recycling and the idea of doing something good for the climate. But right now, we don't think that, for example, recycled plastic belongs in your T-shirt. Plastic developed for food use should be returned and used in the bottle industry it was created for.

Not least because recent research shows that the carbon footprint of processing recycled plastic, including crushing, high-temperature cleaning, and drying, is up to ten times as large as producing new polyester yarns.

At the same time, it is directly damaging to the well-functioning circular recycling of beverage packaging in the soft drink industry, that food plastic cannot be recycled further when it has been used for textile production.

Unfortunately, the concepts of recycling and circularity have become inflated as good sales tools.

This is why the production of environmentally damaging plastic is steadily increasing, as significant proportions of bottle producers' raw materials - the recycled bottles - are now being sought after and consumed by the textile industry and many other sectors.

We do not "buy" good marketing stories by, for example, planting trees in South America, just to emit even more CO2 - and at the same time obscure the real problems of greenwashing and misleading marketing.

But we belong to a textile industry that leaves a heavy environmental footprint. Therefore, we acknowledge our responsibility to constantly address the real industry challenges and make the best possible use of the planet's scarce resources.

In short, get the most out of the least in our processes, production, and product.



The consequence of our beliefs is a constant focus on durability. We don't create short-lived fashion, but instead work to continuously improve the lifespan and functionality of our clothing. We develop fewer products with greater flexibility, following the motto "buy less, get more". And we believe in the simplicity and artisanal quality of doing everything ourselves.

Having everything within reach is the overriding prerequisite for being able to continuously develop, test, refine, quality assure, and only produce what customers currently demand:

  • We have our own sewing studios in Lithuania, where diligent and quality-conscious seamstresses produce small, flexible product runs, allowing us to avoid overproduction and waste.
  • We have trusted and flexible suppliers of our materials within the EU.
  • We dye gently and knit in Denmark, when possible.
  • We keep spare parts in stock, so garments can be repaired when wear and tear occurs.

Furthermore, we save time and a long voyage on one of the ocean's giant freighters, which burns 7,000,000 liters of fuel per trip, resulting in a much-needed climate benefit.


FUSION commits to:

  • continuously developing the functionality and lifespan of our products
  • avoiding overproduction
  • encouraging responsible consumption
  • creating products that have a gentle environmental and climate impact throughout their lifecycle
  • not contributing to human or economic exploitation and oppression
  • being the best partner for our retailers.