Almost Unfair


TEMPO! is our pinnacle product collection – the very best we have to offer. Athlete-tested and race-proven, this collection ushers in a new era for athletes who demand more than just speed from their suits — they demand an edge that feels almost unfair.

Scroll down to discover record-breaking triumphs and get an exclusive sneak peek at the groundbreaking products on the horizon.


LAUNCHING 10.04.2024

Details on the record-breaking moments*

  1. Sam Laidlow: Ironman World Champion 2023 (Time 8:06:22) – LINK
  2. Vittoria Bussi: Womens UCI Hour World Record (Distance: 50,267 km.) – LINK
  3. Magnus Ditlev: Fastest Bike-split at 2024 T100 Miami (Split-time 1:41:45) – LINK
  4. Frederik Muff: Danish Record in 10 km and 30 km time trial 2023 (Time 10 km: 10:57 | Time 30 km: 34:19) – LINK
  5. Magnus Ditlev: First ever Sub4 Hour Bike-split on Full Ironman-distance (Split-time: 3:57:445) – LINK
  6. Daniel Bækkegård: Course Record at 2023 Ironman Western Australia (Time 7:34:23) – LINK
  7. Magnus Ditlev: Best Bike-split at 2023 PTO European Open (Time 1:48:55) – LINK
  8. Sam Laidlow: Fastest Bike Split at 2023 Ironman World Championships (Time 4:31:28) – LINK
  9. Magnus Ditlev: Wins Challenge Roth two years in a row (2022-2023) – LINK
  10. Sam Laidlow: Fastest Bike Split Ever at 2022 Ironman World Championships Kona (Time 4:04:36) – LINK