Recharge - Pants & Shorts

Stretchy pants and shorts that fit perfectly into the active wardrobe. Developed in technical fabrics that helps increase comfort and give your body the optimal conditions for recovery. Perfect both for training and for everyday use.


Recharge Pants
Run, Gym, Travel & Rest. The opportunities are endless. FUSION Recharge Pants are also used in many work situations where you need to be comfortably dressed during the day. This can be workwear for physical therapists and other professions where you need freedom of movement and still properly dressed. 

Ultimate recharging
Jogging trousers/joggers/sweatpants – what’s in a name?  Recharge Pants from FUSION are also used for everyday activities, but at a completely different level technically than what you would normally expect from a pair of jogging trousers/joggers/sweatpants. 

Many immediately think compression when they think of restitution, but Recharge pants are not compression and they are not tight. Instead, they are an ultra-technical two-sided fabric that helps keep your skin dry while being breathable on the inside and slightly protective on the outside. 

At the same time they are very elastic, so the legs do not experience any resistance when moving. 

Imagine a hard workout or race where your legs ‘boil’ afterwards. Your legs will feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

Multiple products – same recharging qualities
The FUSION Recharge range consists of several products as there are different applications. They consist of Training Shorts, which are made in the same way as Pants only shorter, and a Hoodie you can put on before and after training or when relaxing at home. 

Materials made in Denmark
FUSION Recharge Pants and Recharge Shorts are made in a Danish-produced Oeko-Tex fabric and they are sewn in the EU. Knit in Ikast and dyed in Herning, Denmark

STANDARD 100 BY OEKO TEX ® Certified
Everything in these products, from the fabric to the thread, is produced in Europe. The same goes for the production itself, which takes place at FUSION’s own European factories. That means we control everything in the process. All the materials are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex – your guarantee that the product is free of harmful materials.