Mens S1 Run Jacket
Mens S1 Run Jacket
Mens S1 Run Jacket
Mens S1 Run Jacket
Mens S1 Run Jacket

Mens S1 Run Jacket


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Mens S1 Run Jacket

Wind- and water-resistant running jacket

While the S1 Run Jacket is made from a wind and water-resistant material that is ultra-lightweight and ventilating due to the jacket`s stretchy side panels. This provides the jacket with a comfortable fit combined with optimal protection from wind and precipitation during your run.

It is suitable for the exact type of protection you need during your run for most of the year - just adjust the insulation according to the weather with the layer you choose underneath.

The running jacket`s stretchy side panels ensure a comfortable running experience and efficient ventilation in the moderately close-fitting jacket. The inside of the collar is soft and sweat-wicking.

The jacket has a robust YKK zipper with a windproof back and a zippered front pocket with an elastic back that adapts to the contents of the pocket - such as a phone and cards.

Discreet but secure 3M reflective bands on the sleeve and front and back of the shoulders ensure 360-degree visibility during dark hours. Optionally, choose the jacket in Hi-Vis for increased safety.


  • Protective with effective ventilation
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Technical details provide you with a durable running jacket

Details and materials

  • Wind and water-resistant.
  • Stretchable side panels ensure a good fit and effective ventilation.
  • Soft and sweat-wicking inner collar.
  • Robust YKK zipper with windproof backing.
  • Chest pocket for phone and keys.
  • 3M reflective bands on the front and back of shoulders as well as sleeve and reflective logo on the lower back.
  • Fusion Powerlock: lockstitch on seams.
  • Fabric produced in the UK.
  • Mesh panel produced in Italy.
  • Made in Fusion`s own sewing room in Lithuania.
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified product; this means that all components such as fabrics, threads, transfers, zippers, elastic bands, labels, etc., have been tested and approved according to the standard. FUSION certificate number: 20170K1267 AITEX

Material: 100% polyester. Water-repellent DWR outer layer. Mesh panels: 77% polyamide, 23% elastane.

Mens S1 Run Jacket
Mens S1 Run Jacket
Mens S1 Run Jacket
Mens S1 Run Jacket

FAQ: S1 Run Jacket

What is the difference between the S1 and S2 running jackets?

Our S1 Run Jacket is a windproof and water-repellent jacket for added protection on runs in bad weather. It’s a classic running jacket with efficient ventilation panels. It was developed for use over as much of the year as possible in the Northern European climate. Not too hot and not too cold, but just protective enough that you can adjust the insulation through the layering you choose to wear underneath. The moderately tight-fitting jacket features a heavy-duty 4 mm YKK Reverse zip with windproof back and a zip-closing front pocket with elastic back that adjusts in size to your pocket contents – such as phone and credit cards. Discreet but effective 3M reflexes on the collar, back and arms ensure 360-degree visibility in the dark.

The S2 jacket is the ultimate running jacket for the cold months.

The ultimate running jacket that protects against wind and precipitation in the cold months. The S2 Run Jacket features a protective and super-elastic 3-layer breathable laminate on the front, sleeves and shoulder. On the collar and back, our special C3 fabric provides fast and effective sweat wicking to help you stay dry and comfortable, so you are never cold and damp during or after activity. The snug-fitting jacket features a zip-closing front pocket with an elastic back that adapts in size to the contents of your pocket – such as phone and credit cards – as well as an open back pocket for gloves, beanie or headband. Discrete but effective 3M reflexes on the back and shoulders ensure visibility in the dark.

So, the difference between S1 and S2 is that our S2 jacket is thicker and more for really cold months when you need extra warmth. The S2 is more water-resistant than the S1 and more ‘elastic’, giving you a little more mobility in the S2. The S2 jacket seems softer than the S1, while the S1 jacket is thinner and with a tighter fit than the S2.

Wearing a base layer underneath the S1 jacket, you can easily stay warm and comfortable on your run.

Can the S1 Run Jacket be used in winter?

The S1 jacket is a protective shell jacket, which means that it is your outer wind- and water-repellent layer when you run.

Underneath, you adjust the insulation with a base layer and possibly a middle layer that is suitable for the weather. In other words, you can wear the jacket for most of the year – even on mild winter days – with some warm merino wool underneath.

But if it is a cold winter and you run a lot, the S2 Run Jacket is the optimal jacket.

Is the S1 jacket waterproof?

The S1 Run Jacket is water-resistant, which means it can keep moderate rain out for about half an hour, which is what an average run takes.

What should you wear under the S1 Run Jacket if you want to wear it in winter?

The jacket itself does not provide insulation, so you can wear a warm long-sleeved wool sweater as a base layer (Merino 150 LS or Merino 220 LS) and a good mid-layer (C3 Zip Neck or C3 Mid-Layer).