Running - Vests & Jackets

Vests and jackets can greatly enhance the experience of your run as the seasons change. Depending on the temperature, they can be the perfect extra layer. Along with the right middle layer, you will feel invincible.


FUSION’s running vests and jackets are designed to allow the user to perform at their best in all kinds of weather. The running vests and jackets feature a stylish design, and they are easy to transport in a pocket when on the run. 

Protection from the elements. 

FUSION’s S1 Run Vest is designed to protect the user from the elements. This vest is therefore water-repellent and windproof, with a layer of mesh-like material on the back, which helps to provide good breathability during workouts.

FUSION’s S2 Run Vest is an extremely lightweight vest, designed with a snug, yet stretchy fit that protects the user from cooling caused by wind.

Running jackets with quality and comfort

FUSION has created running jackets where comfort is a priority. The running jackets are lightweight, breathable and water-repellent, which means when you put one on, you get extreme comfort and the basis for a great run, even in cool and wet weather. 

While a running jacket’s material may be water-repellent, it's important to understand that, no matter how water-repellent it is, you’re going to get wet, because condensation forms underneath, getting you wet. 

The most important thing to look for in a rain jacket, therefore, is the right balance between impermeability and breathability, so the body can get rid of excess heat, so you stay comfortable. 

Not just for running

FUSION has created jackets with a clean design that you can wear not only on runs, but also before and after your workout, FUSION jackets are ideal. In addition, these jackets are also brilliant as jackets for everyday activities or as an intermediate layer on very cold days.

STANDARD 100 BY OEKO TEX ® Certified running vests and jackets

Everything in these products, from the fabric to the thread, is produced in Europe. The same goes for the production itself, which takes place at FUSION’s own European factories. That means we control everything in the process. FUSIONs vests are designed in Denmark. All the materials are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex – your guarantee that the product is free of harmful materials.