Our most advanced speedsuit. Ever.

Our premium speedsuit, now enhanced with significant upgrades, including improved aerodynamics thanks to our advanced sleeve material. By integrating a 15-degree fabric adjustment, we`ve managed to enhance airflow and further reduce drag. Coupled with improvements to the suit`s overall fit, athletes now have an `almost unfair` advantage at the starting line.

Drawing on years of triathlon expertise and insights from professional athletes, the Tempo! ONE Suit is a testament to meticulous design and performance optimization. This suit is the product of our commitment to excellence, designed to help athletes achieve their very best, from personal milestones to record-breaking achievements.

The suit offers superior thermoregulation and SPF 50+ protection, keeping athletes comfortable, dry, and protected under various conditions. A carefully crafted zipper and a range of sizes, including options for taller athletes, ensure a close fit with minimal resistance.

Recommended for long-distance challenges in 7 to 10 hours or middle-distance in 3 to 5 hours.

It is possible to attach sponsor logos on the White/Grey color only.
  • Engineered for record-breaking speed
  • Integrated nutrition pockets
  • Highest possible sun protection (UPF 50)

Important features

Best Fit with True 4-Way Stretch

The suit's material is developed with true 4-way stretch, meaning it contracts and stretches equally in all directions. This results in the best possible fit and flexibility.

Material is Suitable for Sponsor Logos

The suit's performance is not affected when sponsor logos are applied. Please ask your local printing supplier to do a sublimation print on your suit.

FUSION Powerlock

The small red thread that runs through our products is not just for decoration; it is a guarantee of durable stitching. It's called a "trense" and, along with other types of lockstitches sewn in the material's color (and therefore less visible), it is a hallmark of quality craftsmanship. Approximately 20% of the time it takes to sew a pair of tights is spent on lockstitches - for example, there are over 30 of them in a pair of tights.

Soft and Elastic Fleece Pad for Comfort on the Bike

The suit features a unique swim/bike/run constructed pad that offers comfort on the bike without causing discomfort during the run.

Sun-Protective Upper Section

The material on the upper part of the white version of the suit is a result of our SuperWhite technology. It is woven from ceramic threads with a titanium core, which protects against UV rays while keeping heat out. The material actively cools when wet, preventing rising body temperature. UPF +50

Quick-Drying Suit

We have also focused on material composition that provides a quick-drying suit, resulting in significant weight reduction in a short period.

Water-Repellent Lower Section

The material in the suit's legs is water-repellent, and combined with the highly flexible upper part and elastic zipper, it improves swimming performance and comfort when you start biking.

Inside Pockets Improve Aerodynamics

The suit features 2 inside pockets developed in close collaboration with the former double winner of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, Patrick Lange. The nutrition pockets are placed on the inside of the abdominal panel for easy access and without hindering your range of motion.

Sports Compression Delays Fatigue

The suit's legs are woven with sports compression at 10-12 mmHg pressure, which aids in optimal blood flow and thus maximizes performance. Muscle fatigue is delayed, and endurance is increased.

Details and materials

  • Constructed for optimal aeroflow on the bike segment
  • Elastic YKK zipper on front
  • Two integrated pockets for energy
  • Highest sun protection on the upper body (UPF 50)
  • Fusion Powerlock: locked seams on stitches
  • Possibility of attaching sponsor logo (White suit only)
  • Soft and elastic fleece pad produced in Italy
  • Fabric on legs from France
  • Fabric on upper body from Italy
  • Made in Fusion`s own sewing room in Lithuania
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified product. Certificate number: 20170K1267 AITEX

Material: Upper body/torso: 78% polyester, 22% elastane - Italian fabric Sleeves: 80% polyester, 20% elastane - Italian fabric Lower body: 71% polyamide, 29% elastane - French fabric

FAQ: Tall Size

What does "Tall" mean when I have to choose a size?

Between, for example, size L and size XL, we have created a size L Tall. Essentially, it's a size L, but with slightly longer leg and suspender lengths for bibs. In the Tall version of suits, there is extra length in the torso and legs, while tops in Tall have an extended torso and longer sleeves.

So, in essence, you could say that "Tall" is for those who need, for example, medium fit but large length.

Other colors

Seamless layering on the swim
  1. Enhanced hydrodynamics: The TEMPO! ONE Suit features materials and a design optimized to reduce water resistance, making it incredibly hydrodynamic. This advanced construction not only enhances your speed and efficiency in the water but also perfectly complements the hydrodynamic properties of a swimskin or wetsuit for improved performance.
  2. Water-repellent legs: Equipped with water-repellent legs, the suit helps to improve your swimming by reducing drag and allowing for smoother, more efficient movements through the water. This feature also contributes to a quicker swim split by minimizing the amount of water absorbed by the suit.
  3. Free range of motion: The suit’s flexible upper part is designed to provide great freedom of movement, crucial for executing efficient swim strokes. This flexibility ensures that the suit does not restrict your motion in any way, allowing for full utilization of your swimming technique.
  4. Rapid drying capability: Thanks to its quick-drying technology, the TEMPO! ONE Suit transitions seamlessly from swim to bike segments. The suit’s ability to shed water rapidly keeps you lighter and more comfortable as you exit the water, ensuring that excess water weight doesn’t slow you down as you begin the bike split.
  5. Optimized design for layering: The Tempo! ONE Suit is meticulously crafted to pair flawlessly with a swimskin or wetsuit, designed with a focus on minimizing discomfort and reducing drag when layered. The construction prioritizes smooth transitions and reduced friction points, ensuring a snug fit that complements the hydrodynamic benefits of your outer layer.
The ultimate bike split advantage
  1. Aerodynamic excellence: The Tempo! ONE Suit is meticulously designed with aerodynamics at its core, featuring uniquely smooth materials in the upper part to minimize air resistance. This design is a product of combining time trial expertise, wind tunnel testing and feedback from some of the world’s top triathletes, including Magnus Ditlev and Sam Laidlow, who have numerous best bike split under their belt. The suit's material and design ensure that you can convert more of your pedaled watts into speed.
  2. Optimized material composition: The suit’s fabrication, incorporating Italian and French fabrics known for their high quality, contributes to the suit’s aerodynamic properties. The combination of polyester and elastane in the upper body and sleeves, along with polyamide and elastane in the lower body, offers a tight, performance-enhancing fit that supports speed and agility on the bike.
  3. Reduced drag and enhanced speed: Through innovative design focused on speed, the Tempo! ONE Suit utilizes aerodynamics to allow for greater speed generation from pedaled watts. The suit’s construction aims to provide you with the capability to achieve top speeds with less effort, making it an ideal choice for everyone looking to improve their bike split times.
  4. Comfort and mobility: Despite its focus on speed and aerodynamics, the Tempo! ONE Suit does not sacrifice comfort. The suit offers high formability and minimal resistance during movement, thanks to its elastic zipper and material composition. This ensures that you can maintain optimal performance without feeling restricted, allowing for smoother transitions and sustained effort during the cycling segment.
  5. Functional Features for Triathletes: Recognizing the multifaceted needs of triathletes, the Tempo! ONE Suit includes thoughtful features like extreme sun protection (SPF 50+), water-repellent legs for quick transitions from swim to bike, and internal nutrition pockets designed in collaboration with Patrick Lange. These features, along with quick-drying capabilities, ensure you remain focused, fueled, and fast throughout the bike split.
A second-skin feeling on the run
  1. Engineered for endurance: The suit's legs are crafted from a material that offers true 4-way stretch, paired with a sports compression of 10-12 mmHg. This innovative design significantly delays muscle fatigue by ensuring consistent support and blood flow, enabling athletes to maintain their pace and power throughout the run.
  2. Strategically placed nutrition pockets: In collaboration with Patrick Lange, a former double winner of IM Hawaii, the Tempo! ONE Suit features two inside pockets located on the stomach panel. These pockets are designed to store nutrition essentials without impeding the athlete's natural movement patterns, ensuring that energy levels are sustained without any compromise to running efficiency.
  3. Optimized aerodynamics and comfort: The suit's materials and construction, including the elastic zipper, ensure minimal resistance during movement and exceptional formability. This design aspect means the suit feels virtually weightless and does not inhibit an athlete’s range of motion, contributing to a more efficient and comfortable run.
  4. Quick-drying capabilities: Following the swim-to-bike transition, the suit's quick-drying features come into play, ensuring that athletes don’t carry unnecessary weight into the run. The water-repellent legs and the overall material composition help the suit to dry swiftly, maintaining comfort and performance as the race progresses.
  5. Sun protection and durability: With extreme sun protection (SPF 50+), the suit protects athletes from harmful UV rays during long run segments. The materials used are premium in quality for comfort and performance. The durability and protective features of the suit make it an ideal choice for you who face the dual challenge of performance and endurance in harsh weather conditions.