BKOOL Start Package

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BKOOL Start Package
BKOOL Start Package
BKOOL Start Package

BKOOL Start Package

Regular price €280

Together with Bkool we are offering the very best cycling gear to give you the very best indoor cycling experience. Get a 20% off discount off the Fusion Kit Package as a thank you for signing up for Bkool. The discount will be added when you go to check-out. 

Fusion HP Bib Shorts
A pair of high technical bib-shorts, manufactured using fabric that delivers amazing performance and comfort when you sweat during indoor cycling of all durations and intensities. The Fusion HP is made from two-sided fabric with active moisture-wicking transporting sweat from the inside of the fabric to the outside where it evaporates easily keeping the skin dry and comfortable longer. Pockets on each leg to store nutrition and your phone with easy access during each pain-cave session. 

Fusion SLI Hot Condition Jersey
Unprecedentedly super cool and breathable cycle jersey, which uses a combination of different materials in key areas to bring you the ultimate indoor and hot climate training and racing cycle jersey.  

The back panel features SuperWhite technology, which provides unbelievably high sun protection (SPF 250+) while actively cooling the body in hot conditions. The front panel and underarm features a light mesh-like fabric which ensures your core stays cool and ventilated.

All Fusion products are made in Europe at our company owned facility to the highest standards by our amazing production team. We only use the best and most technical fabrics in the market to give our customers and athletes the best, most comfortable, functional and technical products across Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Gym and much more.

Some good advice on how to extend the life of your FUSION sport garment
  • Wash before first use. If you ad a little vinegar in the first wash, the colour will stay clearer and last longer.
  • Wash you sports clothing at a maximum temperature of 40° C. Do not use detergent and do not bleach.
  • Use of detergent will limit the moisture-transport of the product. Therefore do not use detergent.
  • Hang-dry your FUSION sports garment. Do not tumble-dry.
  • Be aware of sharp items, edges and Velcro straps on backpacks, belts and likewise, rubbing against fabric and seams of you garment. It may rip both fabric and seams of your FUSION sports garment.


When the accident is out .... don't think about if your clothes have been damaged. With Fusion Crash Replacement service, we offer you to exchange your clothes at a very advantageous price with a 50% discount calculated from the current retail price. The offer is for items purchased within the last 24 months from a Fusion retailer or at fusionworld.com, and applies to exchanges for a similar model of the same size.

Fill in these form and Send product to Fusion ApS, Atletikvej 3, 9230 Svenstrup mrk. Crash Replacement.




Orders placed working days before 1 p.m., will be shipped same day.


Easy return and exchange. Digital process and you decide how to send a return.



Join the FUSION Club for free and get Crash replacement on your products. Then you can switch to a new one for 50%, if the accident should be out, within the first two years.




 Products designed with high durability and user comfort in mind, No overproduction, Uses only mulesing-free Merino wool.
FUSION - Siden 1999, Danmark

✓ STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.

All products and components are tested and approved to the standard and, as such, do not contain harmful substances. (Cert. 20170K1267 AITEX)