S3 Long Tights
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S3 Long Tights
S3 Long Tights
S3 Long Tights
S3 Long Tights
S3 Long Tights
S3 Long Tights
S3 Long Tights
S3 Long Tights

S3 Long Tights

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Protective extra warm long winter tights – unisex.

A pair of extra warm long tights, for men and women, that provide real protection in winter when wind, precipitation and frost challenge your workouts.

The special 3-layer membrane in the legs offers a water-repellent front and high breathability, while the interior lining insulates well. The material is highly elastic, giving your S3 LONG TIGHTS a snug fit, whatever your body type.

S3 LONG TIGHTS have gel pockets that don’t hinder your movement, and an elastic hip band with a built-in cord that gives you the highest comfort, combined with optimal fit and performance. There is 360-degree 3M reflective visibility.

The fit is tight.

Fit: Medium fit and, of course, UNISEX like other FUSION tights.


This product is NORMAL in size, which means you should order the size you normally use in other sportswear brands.

  • Stretchy S3 "SuperSoft" fabric protects thighs and knees from the cold
  • Elastic fleece lining ensures natural freedom of movement
  • Pockets to outer thighs for gels (up to 3 gels) / keys / phone
  • Discreet rear envelope pocket for keys or additional nutrition
  • Superb fabric breathability regulates body temperature and enhances comfort in a wide range of outside temperatures
  • 360 degree visibility through reflective strip details
  • Elastic band with drawsting allows for individual fit
  • Unisex Products
  • Made in Europe at the FUSION.FACTORY
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified product. That means all components, such as fabrics, threads, transfers, zips, elastic, labels, etc., are tested and approved according to the standard and thus do not contain harmful substances.
OEKO-TEX Read more about Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX here

Wind Protection ★★★★★

Rainfall Protection ★★★★★

Lightweight ★★★

Compression Level ★★★★

Tight fit ★★★★

Leg front: 3-layer laminate. 47% nylon, 40% polyester, 7% polyurethane, 6% elastane. 
Leg back: woven fleece. 82% polyamide, 18% elastane

-5°C to 10°C
Some good advice on how to extend the life of your FUSION sport garment
  • Wash before first use. If you ad a little vinegar in the first wash, the colour will stay clearer and last longer.
  • Wash you sports clothing at a maximum temperature of 40° C. Do not use detergent and do not bleach.
  • Use of detergent will limit the moisture-transport of the product. Therefore do not use detergent.
  • Hang-dry your FUSION sports garment. Do not tumble-dry.
  • Be aware of sharp items, edges and Velcro straps on backpacks, belts and likewise, rubbing against fabric and seams of you garment. It may rip both fabric and seams of your FUSION sports garment.


When the accident is out .... don't think about if your clothes have been damaged. With Fusion Crash Replacement service, we offer you to exchange your clothes at a very advantageous price with a 50% discount calculated from the current retail price. The offer is for items purchased within the last 24 months from a Fusion retailer or at fusionworld.com, and applies to exchanges for a similar model of the same size.

Fill in these form and Send product to Fusion ApS, Lansen 8, 9230 Svenstrup mrk. Crash Replacement.



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FUSION makes uncompromising sportswear built for the extremes. From the temperate climate zone in Scandinavia to the tropical climate on Hawaii. Products designed to thrive in both blistering cold and scorching heat with high durability and user comfort in mind.

✓ STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.

All products and components are tested and approved to the standard and, as such, do not contain harmful substances. (Cert. 20170K1267 AITEX)


We strive to produce just what the world needs. And nothing more. We prefer function over fashion. That is why, we will don't do seasonal drops, but built a long lasting collection of timeless sportswear that you don't wear out and never run out of style.

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