Running - Tights

FUSION running tights are designed to perform all year round. We know that no bodies are alike. That is why we have developed tights that suit different needs and situations. The characteristics for these tights is the same high quality and durability.


FUSION has created high-tech tights that can be used for everything from fun at home to demanding triathlon events. For over 20 years, FUSION tights have been fine-tuned down to the smallest detail, and this is reflected in the results: top notch products.

Everyday tights
As well as being great training products, FUSION also makes tights that can be used every day, both for busy workdays when you want something comfortable to wear and for relaxing at home after work.

Tights for demanding customers
C3 long tights have been refined down to the smallest detail, giving you top notch technical tights that are uncompromising in quality. The fabric used to make FUSION C3 long tights is extremely comfortable on the skin and provides real active sweat-wicking. FUSION C3 long tights are a top-quality product and one you will enjoy for many years to come.

Tights with pockets for a mobile – and gels
Thanks to a specially designed FUSION pocket with optimal placement based on multiple tests, you no longer need to change your pattern of movement as a consequence of a pocket.

The pocket material on FUSION tights is an elastic mesh panel, which comfortably holds the pocket contents close to your leg without any rattling. At the same time, the transparency lets you see what’s inside. 

The unique elastic edging – which is soft yet taut – ensures that nothing falls out. The edging is not discoloured in the wash, and the perforated mesh panel ensures that the pockets always stay clean.

Tights with active moisture wicking
The special compressor3 material offers active moisture wicking, moving sweat and moisture away from the skin and to the outer surface of the material, where it is spread over a larger area and quickly evaporates. Your skin stays comfortable. All this thanks to mechanical capillary absorption that lasts the full life of the product. And that is made possible by an exceptional choice of thread and construction – because we’re not afraid to take that extra step in our choice of materials.

STANDARD 100 BY OEKO TEX ® certified tights
Everything in these products, from the fabric to the thread, is produced in Europe. The same goes for the production itself, which takes place at Fusion's own European factories. That means we control everything in the process. FUSION Tights are designed in Denmark. All the materials are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex – your guarantee that the product is free of harmful materials.