Cycling - Accessories

Accessories and extra warmth for the cyclist, who happily defies the cold weather to train. Lightweight and functional accessory products that help to improve comfort during your bike ride.


FUSION’s cycling accessories – loose legs, loose sleeves, knee warmers, headbands and hood – have been created with the aim of maintaining optimal comfort on rides, even in changing weather conditions. 

Our careful choice of fabric and materials ensures high-quality products that can be used for many seasons without any loss of quality. In other words, buying high-quality cycling accessories is a good investment that ensures full comfort even on the cool days.

Sweat-wicking and heat-regulating
Our cycling beanie and headband are made of the well-known C3 fabric. This fabric ensures active sweat wicking, which means you stay dry, warm and comfortable throughout your workout, even on the cool days.

Neck gaiter in merino wool?
The Merino neck gaiter is an essential garment for cool or cold days when you don't want bad weather to get in the way of training. They are truly sweat-wicking and can absorb 33% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. This means that wool doesn't come to smell as much as other materials and therefore doesn't need to be washed as often. Wool acts as a natural regulator to keep you warm in cold conditions and cool in hot conditions. Merino wool is antibacterial since it contains a high amount of lanolin, which sheep secrete through glands in the hair follicles and which protects the sheep's wool from the elements and its skin from infection. Lanolin has antibacterial benefits that create an excellent basis for training. FUSION’s Merino neck gaiter is made with 17.5 μ ultra fine fibres that are extremely comfortable. In it, you get a natural material with particularly good comfort. 

Loose sleeves and loose legs for cycling
Leg, arm & knee warmers are made from the same material as hot long tights, which are tried and tested and highly comfortable. These three products are super practical as they are easy to pull on and off. This means you can pull them on or off at any time during your ride, depending on the weather conditions.

FUSION leg, arm & knee-warmers are extremely easy to take with you on your ride and store in the back pocket of your jersey. Using these accessories allows you to extend the cycling season to early spring and autumn. Many even choose to ride with “loose legs” under their normal cycling shorts throughout the winter. 

STANDARD 100 BY OEKO TEX ® Certified 
Everything in these products, from the fabric to the thread, is produced in Europe. The same goes for the production itself, which takes place at FUSION's own European factories. That means we control everything in the process. FUSION is designed in Denmark. All the materials are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex – your guarantee that the product is free of harmful materials.