Cycling - Jerseys

Our selection of jerseys covers your needs all year round. Developed for both warm and cool conditions, and regardless of the model, you are wearing a jersey that is of the highest quality.


Hot weather jerseys
FUSION's “Hot Condition Jersey” is created for hot conditions. The back panel uses SuperWhite technology for unheard of high sun protection (SPF 250+) while actively cooling in hot conditions. The front panel, where there is often shade, uses a light mesh-like fabric that keeps your core cool and ventilated. This makes for the perfect jersey for competition or training in hot conditions.

Cool weather jerseys
“Hot LS Cycling Jersey” features active sweat-wicking and moderate wind protection for increased comfort in cooler temperatures.

C3 Light LS Cycling Jersey – probably the most useful jersey for Danish conditions.

You can use it in temperatures ranging from 7°C (with a wind vest) to as much as 18°C – i.e., those days we have the most of in Denmark.

It is made of a unique double-sided material that actively removes moisture away from the body and to the outside of the shirt, where it is distributed over a larger area and evaporates, keeping the body comfortable.

It's no exaggeration to say that those who have the jersey use it almost all the time.

Top aerodynamics
FUSION's “SLi Cycling Jersey” is a highly versatile bike jersey made of SLi material. It fits well and closely into the body, with a mesh panel on the front to allow ventilation. On the back is the extremely fast material from the SLi RoadRace Suit. Aggressive open, aerodynamic collar for optimal fit. Aero-optimised extra-long sleeves. All this makes for the optimal jersey for those looking for a high-speed jersey for daily workouts or for competitive riding.

Everything in these products is certified Oeko-Tex – your guarantee that the product is free of harmful materials. The production takes place at FUSION's own factories, meaning we control everything in the process. 

Everything in these products is produced in Europe